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Software Licence Reconciliation

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It is critical for every organisation to know its exact software licence compliance position and to be certain it is not under-licensed and exposed to legal and financial risks.

For most organisations, making certain is easier said than done. The assessment of an organisations software licence compliance position is a complicated process, requiring an in-depth knowledge of complex software licence terms, complete records of hardware, software deployment and software licence entitlements, and a strong understanding of how IT architectures and environment configurations can impact an organisations licence requirements. Most organisations simply do not have the in-house knowledge and expertise to accurately identify what their effective licence position actually is.

Call it a Software Licence Reconciliation, a GAP Analysis, a Baseline Review or simply a licence audit, this is what we do, and we do it better than anyone. We are experts in Microsoft software licensing and have been engaged to complete licence audits for hundreds of organisations.

Through our Software Licence Reconciliation Service we conduct a complete analysis of your software licence entitlements, software deployments and software usage and identify your effective licence position on a product-by-product basis. In addition to providing you with complete visibility of your effective licence position, the information detailed in our report is an invaluable set of software licence intelligence that can be used as the foundation to;

  • Proactively mitigate licence compliance risks.
  • Make strategic decisions that are informed and cost effective.
  • Optimise the use of your existing software licences.
  • Eliminate spending on software licences you don’t require.
  • Prepare for your next licence true-up or renewal.

Whats Included?

Our comprehensive Effective Licence Position Report deliverable is best-in-class and details;

  • The current state effective licence position of your Microsoft software environment, including identification of your effective licence entitlements (current and historic), licence allocations, licence usage, licence requirements and any licence excesses and/or deficiencies which exist.
  • Options (where multiple options are available) for addressing any licence deficiencies which have been identified through the acquisition of software licences.
  • Options (where options are available) for addressing any licence deficiencies which have been identified through means other than acquiring licences, such as software removal, software reassignment, server consolidation and/or server architecture changes for example.

Don’t wait to be contacted by a compliance auditor. Ensure you have complete visibility of your effective licence position today.

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